Raman Institute of Education Society

Raman Institute of Education Society


The candidates who fulfill the prescribed eligibility criterion for various courses are selected by the admission committee of the institute purely on merit basis and the interview conducted for the purpose. Eligibility concessions, if any, are as per the university rules and regulations.

The applicants must bring their original mark sheets and relevant pass certificates along with attested photocopies of the same when coming for interview.

Once cleared by admission committee and the PDP interview, the student has to deposit the registration fee of Rs. 15000/- for reserving his/her seat.

Therefore, applicants are advised to fetch with them a bank D.D. for Rs. 15000/- in favour of Pt. R.C. Sharma Paramedical College, payable at Saharanpur. First installement of fee will have to be deposited positively in the institute within 15 days after registration.

Rules and regulations :

It is understood that any student who has taken admission in the institute has thoroughly read all relevant information contained in the prospectus and he is bound by the prevalent rules and regulations in the institute. These have been provided separately to every individual student in the form of a booklet at the time of admission . The students must go through them thoroughly.

However, no excuse will be acceptable from any student with regard to ignorance of these rules and regulations.

>> Once admitted to the institute every student is bound by the disciplinary rules of the institute.
>> Principal is the final authority to implement all rules and regulations as laid down and every student is expected to follow them as per the Principal's directives.
>> Every student has to fulfill the minimum attendance requirement in theory and practical classes as specified by the affiliating university, AICTE / BCI / NCTE/ DCI / PCI)
>> No student will absent him or her self from any lectures without obtaining prior permission from the competent authority as notified from time to time.
>> In case of failure to attend the classes for four or more days without permission the admission of the said student will stand cancelled.
>> Wearing of proper institute uniform and carrying the identity card is compulsory. No student will be allowed access in the campus without uniform.